Comeback Bands

A recent trend with bands is that many are making a comeback after years of silence; so who's coming back and is it ever a good idea?

Some of the biggest
Some of the biggest rock and pop bands in the world like Spice Girls, Gorillaz, Fleetwood Mac and The Strokes are finally getting back together due to fan demand. These bands are going on tour and almost selling out, drawing established fans and younger ones who can see them for the very first time. After time away, the bands perform their most famous and classic songs as part of their 'welcome back' shows.

The Spice Girls, who arrived in 1995, have staged several comebacks, always to huge fan excitement. Gorillaz, formed in 1998, made a comeback and have started helping new artists like Slowthai the rapper and the band Slaves, releasing a song called Momentary Bliss.

Teens want them back
From a survey for Tag '20, 90% are really happy for bands to make a comeback. Some would love the bands to go on tour and produce new material whereas others would just want them to go on tour with their old tracks. We interviewed Josh and Amelia, a couple of teenagers aged 15 and 16. Josh said, "I think that I would like Aerosmith to come back together as they were really good together and I'd like to see how Steven Tyler hits the high notes on Dream on." Amelia said "I would love for Leona Lewis to make a comeback song or album as she doesn't really get recognised anymore and she is still really good."