Choices on Contraception:
Website Review

As growing teenagers, we may find ourselves wanting to learn effective contraception and what it means to have good sexual health. Even if we aren't ready to have sexual relationships, having this information is helpful. The Contraceptive Choices website can answer lots of our questions on contraception, preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

Embarrassed to ask?
The website can answer questions we are too embarrassed to ask and talk aloud. We can find information about any type of contraception that can be provided within a clinic and a GP, for example, the implant, combined pill, mini pill, injection, condoms, withdrawal and many more. You can hear about other people's experiences with having got these contraceptives if you feel you need more information on them. What's right for me? It is a top priority the website wants to help you with, answering these questions can provide you with a good match for your needs and what contraception is best for you.

Teen-friendly design?
The website does seem more adult friendly and less compatible for teenagers, it has a more mature feeling towards it. But it is based on a mature topic. As it is a contraceptive site it is for people who are sexually active and as teenagers not everyone is ready but knowing we can have access to the resources and information we need, it may be important for us to have a site we can look at and feel comfortable with. It has a hide tab which can be useful if someone looks over your shoulder you can quickly click it and it will look like the Google page as keeping your privacy might be important to you. But it shouldn't make you feel embarrassed as having questions about anything sex related shouldn't be shunned upon or a laughing matter. Questions are good. It means you want to gain more knowledge on a subject that might be personal. As teens we look for things that stand out like bright colours, images and fun little interactions which can ease the process of thinking about contraception.

The website could be more fun and exciting to look at as it does look very grown-up, the videos provided could have more interactive images instead of just saying the question.

What teens think of the site
Tag '20 assembled a panel to review the website we got some results from some college students (not their real names).

Charlie, an 18 year old female who lives in Eastbourne, said the website is quite light and neutral which is good for gender equality but the information is mostly based for women which made her feel like she was the only one that had to worry about contraception. Warren, a 19 year old male who lives in Uckfield, said it was very formal and just didn't apply to him. Another student, Jessica who is 17 from East Sussex says overall the website is very useful for teenagers who need information and confidence in getting into contraception. She would recommend it.