Digital Dating

Many of us have experienced an online relationship and some end up regretting it as the person we're in it with isn't as real as we expect them to be. However it is possible to bond through online dating.

Getting together with someone over the internet is more normal in our society now, as some might struggle to get into a relationship in real life. But online relationships can be frowned upon as they don't seem that serious compared to real life relationships. You don't get a physical interaction with the person you are talking to and you don't get to see them often.

Is it real?
Online dating comes with positives and negatives. The good thing is you can easily talk to the person and facetime them. This saves money as you might not be able to see them if they live far away. But if you only started chatting online and ever did meet up with them, they could be a completely different person, meaning it sometimes isn't safe. Sometimes we act differently online compared to in person, so the fact that you only get an emotional connection to someone you may have never meet removes the opportunity to experience a real relationship.

From research carried out by Tag '20 we discovered trust is important especially over social media. You'll need to set boundaries to make it a healthy relationship.

First hand experience
We interviewed Nathan Price who has previously been in an online relationship. "In real-life relationships, there is a proper connection between two people as you can have an emotional and physical relationship. Whereas online relationships only have the emotional side." Nathan also gave this advice "Make sure you trust the person first before you make a move and you know what they look like. Facetime when possible then you know for sure."

If you are considering getting into an online relationship please be careful who you are dating as it could end up being someone completely different to who they are supposed to be.