Spotting the Red Flags: are you or a friend in a toxic relationship?

It's not easy being in a relationship. It comes with its ups and downs, the good and the bad. But there is a fine line between bad moments and toxic behaviour. According to a survey by Tag '20 exactly 50% of you had experienced toxic behaviour in a relationship between the aged of 12 and 19. Throughout this article you will learn how to to recognise the symptoms of a toxic relationship and address these with the appropriate person.

Red flags
Trusting each other is the most important part of a relationship and it's essential to feel comfortable around your friend or partner. If you feel judged or uncomfortable by that person, that is a huge red flag. A relationship is supposed to be about partnership and acceptance of each other. If you feel you have to act, dress or talk in a certain way to please them, then re-think your relationship.

As much as love has you leaping over hills and devoting day and night to be in each other's presence, your own social life is a must, so if your significant other doesn't allow you to have that, then they are controlling you. Your friends are a key part of your life and your partner should want to be a part of that and not pull you away from it. If they get uncomfortable with you seeing your friends, or guilt-tripping you into ditching them, this is not acceptable and you should not put up with it.

Finally, if your partner has said or done something to you, causing you to fear or submit to them, you need to remove yourself from their presence and get help.

Know the signs. Know when to say goodbye.